Power and Surge Protection

Hospitals and aviation industry  

The damage caused by power surges are extremely dangerous in hospitals where the malfunctioning of specialised equipment might result in the death of the patient. In the aviation industry, breakdown in communication between the control tower and the aeroplane, or malfunctioning of the radar and other sophisticated and delicate electronic equipment might result in chaos, especially in busy airports where several aircrafts take off or land every minute. Without guidance from the air traffic controller, the pilot is helpless, as he does not know the location and distance between their aircraft and that of other airliners. The power surge protector comes to the fore during such incidents. It acts as a barrier between the power supply and the electronic equipment. It contains a fuse that blows up whenever the surge is low or high. 


Extra information about power surge protector

Have you ever noticed how the lights in your apartment flicker, ever so slightly, for a fraction of a second when you turn on any heavy duty electrical equipment such as the air conditioner? This is due to a surge in the voltage supply in your home as the air conditioner consumes a lot of power when its compressor starts. It is the same when the compressor shuts down after the room cools to the set temperature. While such surges in voltage hardly affect typical household electrical gadgets such as TV sets, they do cause an impact to sensitive electronic equipment such as your computer. If the amount of surge is too much, it can cause the computer to reboot, or even damage the sensitive electronic parts inside it. The problem is more acute in offices in which the entire network can crash because of such fluctuations in the power supply.

How does the equipment work without power?

All vital electronic equipments are connected to the mains via an UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and a surge defenser. The moment there is a surge in voltage, the protector blocks the spike of current and trips. This device limits the voltage supplied to electronic devices by either shorting to ground or blocking any unwanted voltages below or above a safe threshold. The moment this takes place, the uninterrupted power supply takes over and starts supplying power to the device. Once the voltage becomes stable, the protector allows power from the mains to flow into the device, switching off the power supplied by the UPS in the process.